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Lady A says “a gift to myself” | South Bend Boudoir

Lady A says “I’ve already recommended BCD to several of my friends. I didn’t have anyone do take these pics for besides myself….felt a little odd, but had so much fun and the shoot made me feel so good about myself. I LOVE my photos and it’s just fine if they were a gift to…

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Lady K says “I loved my session…” | Elkhart Boudoir

Lady K did amazing during her Behind Closed Doors boudoir session at Memory Lane Portrait Boutique. Here’s what she had to say about her boudoir experience: “I loved my session with Crystal!!! She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I also appreciated her honesty when it came to facial expressions durning the shoot. Made…

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Lady D says “It’s freeing, empowering, and fun…” | South Bend Boudoir Photography

Lady D says “I highly recommend this experience, especially with Crystal, to any woman who’s ever been curious about it. It’s freeing, empowering, and fun, and Crystal makes you feel totally at ease throughout the whole process. The finished product is going to look great regardless of your worries! Crystal does a great job of highlighting your…

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