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Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend: The Importance of Great Accessories

Okay, you don’t need real diamonds for great photo shoot accessories; but I promise I won’t tell your husband that! Seriously though, the importance of great accessories for a photo shoot is tantamount to almost nothing. Be it diamonds, a sexy strand of pearls, or some really great costume jewelry, these additions to your wardrobe will help enhance the sexy mood and elevate your confidence. After all, who doesn’t feel like a million bucks when draped in gorgeous jewelry (even if it is cubic zirconia!)? When it comes to jewelry, the perfect pair of earrings can help to frame your face. A medium sized to long length necklace can help to draw attention to your décolletage. A beautiful ring and simple bracelet can embellish your delicate hands. And your perfectly polished wedding or engagement ring can remind him that you’re all his. Bring a few great statement pieces as well as a couple of simple choices to our session. I can help you to choose which will photograph better and which will add that perfect something to your wardrobe selection.

But, jewelry is only the beginning when it comes to adding accessories to your boudoir session. Think about adding pieces that mean something to you and your significant other. If he is in the military, his dog tags and parts of his uniform make a perfect addition. Is he a baseball fanatic? Consider grabbing a bat, ball, and glove for your session. If he loves music, grab a pair of headphones and an iPod. I’ve had a client bring a stack of law books and a pair of glasses to help make a sexy reference to her fiancé being in law school. The possibilities are endless. Remember, accessories are just the side dishes to compliment the perfect main course. We want them to make a statement without overwhelming the image. Together we can choose the right additions to your wardrobe options and create a look that will knock his socks off!