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Nothing to Wear: Wardrobe Inspiration

Coupled with a fabulous pose that complments your curves, your choice of wardrobe is going to be the second thing he notices about your images. You can choose to model your look after a hot little number you saw on the store mannequin, you can choose to stay simple in a matching bra & panty set, or you can choose to wear nothing but a smile and a white sheet. The best advice I can give to you is to make sure that whatever you select as part of your photoshoot wardrobe, be completely comfortable wearing it. We can find great inspiration on the websites and in the catalogues of our favorite lingerie stores.

Need more ideas? Try a matching bra & panty set, mismatched bras & panties, corsets & garter belts, silk slips, bodysuits, rompers, or a robe. Whatever makes you feel confident and sexy! I hope that got your wheels spinning in regards to your general wardrobe, but we can’t forget about another integral part of the boudoir wardrobe: the shoes! A killer pair of heels lengthens our legs, rounds out our derriere, and makes the majority of men weak in the knees. It also adds that final touch of sexiness to your look. Make sure you bring a few pairs of shoes with you to your session. Chances are that even if they aren’t so comfortable to walk in, they are going to look amazing in the photographs. Trust me on that.

Not your typical boudoir, ideas for every girl, every mood:

  •  beautiful evening gown
  • his uniform
  • a vest
  • biker shorts
  • wild jewelry
  • anything he gave you
  • something borrowed
  • his favorite ball team jersey
  • the tools of your/his trade
  • that special Halloween costume
  • western hat and boots
  • his work shirt and tie
  • tee shirts with rips or holes
  • silk boxer shorts
  • anything thin or transparent
  • sexy boustier
  • fun, funky shoes, socks, leggings
  • bright jewelry, necklaces, bangles
  • cutoffs that are too short
  • cute boy shorts/ tank tops/ tight shirts
  • a bath towel with wet hair
  • hats and gloves
  • personalized and printed panties
  • feather boas